Why Your Ceiling Fan Direction Matters

facts about solar energyCeiling fans have long been used to improve the comfort factor in buildings and homes; whether you have air conditioning or not, you need to make sure that you use your ceiling fans in an effective, cost-efficient manner. Whether you pair your ceiling fan with air conditioning or you solely use fans to keep more comfortable during extreme weather, you’ve got to make sure you’re doing it correctly to make it count – and part of that is knowing in which direction your fan’s blades should be rotating. Continue reading

Indoor Air Cleaning Plants For A Winter Home


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The arrival of winter doesn’t have to bring with it an end to beautiful greenery and pretty foliage; in fact, the winter is a great time to introduce some new plants into your home. Plants serve a variety of purposes when they are indoors – not only will they add some color and pizzazz to your space, but they’ll also clean the air for you. This is important in the winter when homes are often closed up because the amount of fresh air introduced into homes is limited during the season. Continue reading

How to Fix A Furnace, Common Furnace Repairs

Common Furnace Repairs & Furnace Problems

Regardless of how old your furnace is, and whether it’s conventional or high-efficiency, proper maintenance can help you achieve many years of problem-free, comfortable heating. However, when furnace problems arise with your system, it may be beneficial to you to check some things before calling the experts. Things will occasionally go wrong, as is the case with all complex machines; however, not everything is a massive problem that requires hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix. The following are some of the most common furnace problems, along with some simple fixes that may take care of them. However, if you feel that you’re getting in over your head, A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc. is always here to help. Continue reading

sustainable home

5 Actions To Increase Sustainability And Cut Living Costs

A huge buzzword lately that you may have heard is “sustainability”, which is the practice of reducing your demand on natural resources. With global warming, climate change, resource depletion, and ozone layer reduction all threatening our environment, our homes, and our planet, it’s imperative that everyone does their part to help reduce the carbon footprint left from the life we. Better yet, doing good for the environment can also help cut energy costs.

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  5 Best Upgrades that Increase the Value of Your Home


Everyone knows that a home is inherently invaluable; a home is rich in memory and sentiment, and no realtor’s evaluation could put a sum on those assets. However, if one is looking to sell a home or simply to increase a home’s material value, there are various home upgrades that can make an out-of-date home shine as though it were brand new. Here are five top home upgrades for a great return on investment:

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Grid Parity: The Real Cost of Solar Power



The cost of solar power is falling rapidly, often surpassing expectations and making solar increasingly affordable in many big cities in the U.S and around the world. In fact, the price of U.S. solar power has fallen 70% since 2009. This drop is even more impressive considering solar panels continue to get smarter.

According to a report by GTM Research, as of February 2016, 20 U.S. states are currently at grid parity, and 42 states are expected to reach grid parity by 2020 if conditions remain the same.

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Installing Solar Panels

facts about solar energy
Millions of Americans are going solar. More than just a niche interest, solar energy has become an increasingly affordable option for most homeowners. Solar panels and installation costs are dropping year after year.

You’ve probably heard rumors of homeowners slashing their utility bills and pumping electricity back into the grid. The truth is that the amount of money you’re going to save with solar energy all depends on where you live, how much you’re currently spending on electricity, how much you pay in taxes, and how much you intend to pay for the solar energy system. Installing solar panels in your home could completely eliminate your electricity costs or cut down your bill anywhere from 10 to up to 90 percent.

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Warning signs that your air conditioner needs to be replaced

Summer heat always shows up without warning, and it seems that air conditioning units break when the temperature is at its most unbearable and when the experts are booked up for days or even weeks. However, there are some signs to determine whether your AC unit needs to be replaced. Early detection will ensure your continued comfort during the hottest dog days of summer. Continue reading